SolutionsWon Group was engaged to design and deliver a fit out for Reece Support Centre, that would carry the Australian/NZ Reece support office in Burwood, into the next decade.

An $8M refurbishment and construction was sucessfully carried out.  The challenge was to completely refurbish the support centre whilst occupied, keep staff relocations to a minimum, as well as construct a 1600 SQM two storey extension to allow support staff from other sites to be brought in under the one roof.


Project Details

Location: Burwood Hwy, Burwood VIC


2850 SQM Refurbishment

1600 SQM Two Storey Extension

The design was preceded by an extensive series of consultations with key leaders (a steering committee), the executive team and communication with staff.

A comprehensive needs analysis was conducted by SolutionsWon Group.


The project enabled Reece to provide discreet areas for various business units without the separated areas that had existed previously.

The design created sight lines throughout the building, which created a greater sense of belonging amongst staff and improved communication between the business units.