Creative Working Solutions

SolutionsWon Group has extensive experience in providing Creative Working Solutions (CWS) consulting services.

We have worked with numerous clients to create CWS designs that are conducive to improved communication and workplace collaboration.

We have the expertise and resources to carry out various demographic inquiries and staff satisfaction surveys, to help our clients prepare for dealing with the changing business and financial environment.

SolutionsWon Group will apply the following measures in the CWS consulting:

  • Use an experienced team with a range of complementary skills across CWS implementation.
  • Evaluate current work environment for suitability, efficiency (energy and space) as well as flexibility.
  • Quantify these efficiencies and establish if they can be implemented through more effective energy and space utilization.
  • Provide a planning analysis that allows clients to effectively respond to strategic initiatives, expansion, contraction and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Present options for teleconferencing and presentation spaces for small and large scale events.
  • Help our clients explore the options and benefits available through more flexible open-plan, multi-use areas.
  • Analyse and optimise storage requirements and systems.