Project Management

SolutionsWon Group is a market leader in the project management industry.

We build a total innovative solution, from concept to completion.

Our approach to every project reflects a commitment to excellence ultimately exceeding client expectations.

Project Management services include:
  • Manage with one point of contact, all services required from concept to completion.
  • Defining the scope of the project
  • Developing a project brief and a cost plan
  • Liaising and negotiating with authorities and stakeholders
  • Preparing design documentation and cost estimates
  • Procurement
  • Construction oversight and commissioning.

Project management expertise is built on the quality of our people and the quality of our sub-contractors and, most importantly, how they interact together. The overlap must be seamless, and mutual respect between all parties is fundamental in ensuring a successful project.Our procurement of consultants and contractors is based on a very basic principle – get the best experts involved where they are best suited. Project ownership is placed on the delivery team, affording them the freedom to not only add value to the design, but critically commit to long-term support to ensure the project’s ultimate success.

SolutionsWon Group, in conjunction with the selected move partners, implements a move plan that is designed to minimise disruption and down time on the internal reshuffle of the current workspace.

The plan covers all potential hazards and pitfalls that could derail any facet of the move. Particular focus is given to:
  • IT Connectivity [critical]
  • Documentation Transfer 
  • Personal Effects 
  • Building Accessibility

SolutionsWon Group is “hands on” during all aspects of the move, ensuring “Go Live” targets are met in a seamless manner. Our contract engagement allows you to transfer that stress to us.